MegSol is an organization with world-class computer programmers working to shape things better with technologies at our disposal.

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Our mission is to enhance business growth of our customers with creative design, development and to deliver market defining high quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage to customers around the globe.

What is MegSol?

With the vision of delivering astounding IT services to the industry clients, MegSol is one of the few organizations that provide a high-quality IT service. The multitude of services we present vary over an extensive area – Starting from Desktop application development, Mobile application development, to Artificial Intelligence services.

Why MegSol?

Our clients and our commitments to our clients are our superiority – DOT. As a service provider, we thrive with the well-being of our customers. Providing the best quality service to every single one of our clients every single time is a real win-win situation. This is the philosophical grounds of MegSol.

How we do it?

When you have a potential idea, realizing it starts when you consider us, MegSol, as a tool with which you can sculpt the idea and a glorious future in a single shot! Equipped with highly experienced, imaginative, and dedicated engineers, we are blooming with every client we serve. We just don’t do our best but we do the most beneficial to deliver when a commitment is secured.

What is the ‘Trust-factor’ of MegSol?

Getting the first opportunity is one of the hardest things on the checklist. Since the inception of MegSol, we have served hundreds of client. Without the ‘Trust-factor’, it would be mere lines-of-code what we deliver.

How do we assure quality of our services?

Quality Analysis (QA) is one of the actions performed during software development, which is usually implemented once the coding is completed. We, at MegSol, take excellence assurance to the next level by performing QA towards the end of every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This lets us fine-tune the quality of our deliverables to the grain.

Since the inception of MegSol as an IT service provider, we have adapted to the Scrum and Agile methodology of Software development. Performing such integral and inherent quality controls, we bring quality as a by-product of our commitments.

Do you have an idea from future?

Every service provider accepts a challenge, especially, when you come up with a futuristic idea to realize. Such an idea needs efforts from scratch, including enhancing the software, hardware and infrastructure. This is exactly where we draw our spirit to move to the next level.

MegSol provides services that allow you to necessarily renew or replace legacy systems with cutting-edge new technologies. If you have an idea from the future, this is your future.

Do we have any awards and rewards?

Beyond every single award or reward, our client satisfaction is as precious as a crown jewel that encourages us to spread our boundaries in providing better service.

What are the verticals that we provide services?

We provide our incredible services in a bunch of IT verticals.

1. Desktop App Development
2. Mobile App Development
3. Website Development
4. Security Solution
5. Artificial Intelligence Solution
6. Cloud Computing Solution
7. Business Process Management
8. Business Intelligence Solution
9. Digital Marketing Solutions
10. Server Hosting & Maintenance
11. CRM Cloud Services

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