Business Intelligence Solution

Business Intelligence (BI) is an essential part of all businesses. Our motto is to present solutions and ‘soul’utions for your business requirements, irrespective of your position in the business. At MegSol, we put our best intelligence into understanding your business architecture and outline them to the future BI and advanced analytics solutions.

Colloquially stating, BI helps to narrow down the target customers for a given product for enhancing the business. Any service provider providing the BI services is called Business Intelligence Service Provider.

We have our customized tools developed to gain insights into your business, gain an advantage of the insights and create a better business model that satisfies the total of your business requirements. Though every business needs BI solutions, it is often neglected. Following are the reasons why any firm should opt for BI solutions.

- To gather data insights of the business
- To quantitatively measure the growth of your business
- To use data to create a better business model
- To obtain revenue from un-presumed business models and approaches
- To gain advantage from, where competition is inevitable

Being indulged with various aspects of the business, it is often seen to hire a BI solution expert. Once you partner with us in BI solutions, we build a bond with the business that keeps the arrow mark pointing towards the sky.

BI as a service allows you to instantly turn your data into actionable insights and reduce your involvement by paying a monthly subscription fee and reviewing regular reports on the service progress. As we partner, our service starts, we provide you with:

- Access to predefined reports.
- Self-service analytics to enable unmanaged reporting.
- Alerting.

With BI consulting services, we:

- Analyze your business needs and concealed problems to make an implementation/improvement/migration strategy.
- Design a cloud/on-premises/hybrid BI solution.
- Help you migrate of the prevailing solution to the cloud.
- Advise on the processes and procedures to make data quality and security.
- Extensive implementation and user adoption strategies.
- Deliver proof of concept (for complex projects).

A team of variously experienced consultants from various business niches is formed to provide the BI solutions to our clients. The expertise of these advisers is next to nothing. Dynamic business policy is of our own BI. megsol serve as our own BI consultant and create really powerful tools that analyses your business to the purest possible degree.