Cyber Securty Solution

Internet has become very inexpensive in past few years but astonishingly, the security and privacy over the internet have been growing uncommon since then. If you are an online entity, your online security is at stake.

We offer security solutions against malware, vulnerabilities, exploits, threats and other cyber security issues with our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to ensure a strong foundation.

Consider MegSol as soon as you consider moving online, for one good reason – we are the most skilled to provide the most effective cybersecurity solutions.As security is a major aspect of cyber presence, we have created a team that is very well qualified and experienced security engineers.

We provide our cybersecurity solutions in three levels – Security assessment and planning, Application security and Network security.

At the security assessment level, we run various network diagnostics that help us understand both the network traffic you receive and the potential vulnerabilities of your network infrastructure. In this modern world of the internet and software, vulnerabilities can exist at any level of the infrastructure hierarchy. Concerning all of these advancements, we have been proactively upgrading our techniques of providing cybersecurity solutions. As a part of this security assessment, we simulate and sometimes recreate certain types of attacks in a limited environment. This helps you understand the kind of attacks that happen in real-time.

As a part of application security, we have advanced tools that verify and validate every “bit” of your application. These tools can identify and neutralize these vulnerabilities on-the-go. Not just for the standalone applications, we provide these services but additionally for mobile applications, cloud and web applications.

Network security covers various common attacks like DoS and DDoS and rare attacks like ransomware attacks. We have served our client with multiple network security services like email security, Firewalls, DLP implementation, and setting and customized standalone/online antivirus software.

If we are not such a great provider of network security, our online presence would be at stake. This provides a perfect example of our competence in cybersecurity.

How we work

Concept Creation

We conceptualize the your business requirement with wireframe and use cases.


We write code to achieve approved software concept from our client.

Quality Assurance

We ensure quality, efficiency and robustness with all possible testings.