Desktop Application Development

MegSol has been producing both user-friendly and dynamic desktop applications since its origin. In the process of SDLC, desktop applications play a significant part. If you are reading this, thank a desktop application – browser. It is inherent that you use a desktop application to perform your everyday activity be it accessing the internet, preparing a PowerPoint presentation, accessing your Virtual Machine (VM) at your work or even browsing through your file system.

Concerning all of these examples, you might have realized our dependency of desktop applications in daily life. The developers and engineers at MegSol tackle this underlying need of desktop applications. For a given range of use cases, there are tons of desktop applications available across the internet. However, if your requirement was so easy and open, you would not be squandering your time understanding this. And by this point, you might have recognized our dedication and competence in the cosmos of desktop application development.

We offer custom business-oriented desktop software development service that is secure, robust and efficient for businesses to scale up and increase productivity.

What is special about desktop application development with MegSol?

De facto, we are very special in desktop application development services and in our skill. Our services include:

•Cutting-edge and tremendously advanced software tools that reflect your competence in the market
•Tailor-made software with every nit and grit taken care of, along with 24/7 support

There are plenty of service providers in native Windows app development and Mac OS app development. But cross-platform application development is what separates us from the herd. This lets you get a unified application to serve your purpose, instead of multiple different applications for the same purpose. We provide services and support for different types of desktop applications. Here are few of them.

• Client-Server applications
• Network applications
• Multimedia applications
• System applications and services
• Utilities and system tool applications
• Standalone business applications
• Collaborative applications

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) library, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and WinForms are some of the tools of .NET we use to provide Windows related services; Cocoa for Mac OS app development; tools like Electron and Swing for cross platform application development.

How we work

Concept Creation

We conceptualize the your business requirement with wireframe and use cases.


We write code to achieve approved software concept from our client.

Quality Assurance

We ensure quality, efficiency and robustness with all possible testings.