Mobile Application Development

With the arrival of mobiles and various mobile brands manufacturing the most affordable mobile phones have rapidly skyrocketed the use of mobiles. With this, an urgent need to mobile application development has emerged. Leveraging this immediate demand is one of the foundation goals of MegSol.

We offer mobile application development for Android, iOS and windows phone to ensure that your consumers are receiving best of your services in their mobile phone, tablet and watch.

We have been progressing in parallel with the advancements in mobile application development during the years delivering the specific requirements of our clients. We help the businesses transform with modern processes, provide grain-level guidance, deliver the most exquisite software and build winning mobile applications. Our team of mobile application development protrudes with skilled engineers and developers who had work experience from fortune 500 companies.

We have developed mobile applications for various clients over a multitude of use cases. Here are some of the use cases that can truly reflect our competence in the market.

- CRM Systems
- ERM Systems
- CMS Systems
- Inventory management systems
- E-commerce
- Payroll processing
- HRM Systems
- Storage apps
- Accounting apps
- Productivity apps

Deciding between developing mobile applications between native platform application development and cross-platform application development is what determines the real potential of the service provider. With the fines research and understanding of your requirements, we can put you in the right track to gain the best. Here is the distinction between native platform apps and cross-platform apps explain in conventional words.

Native apps are developed for a given mobile operating system whereas cross-platform apps are developed without considering the underlying mobile operating system. Though the seem contradicting each other, both the paradigms have their benefits and drawbacks.

Android and iOS are the mobile operating systems that own a lion’s share in the market. However, there is a new category emerging in the recent past – the Wearable operating system and relevant applications. Apps are to be enhanced for these wearable devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers , Body sensors, etc. Encapsulating your demands and the goals of our ideas, we develop applications for both mobile devices and wearable devices with ease.

How we work

Concept Creation

We conceptualize the your business requirement with wireframe and use cases.


We write code to achieve approved software concept from our client.

Quality Assurance

We ensure quality, efficiency and robustness with all possible testings.