Website Development

If you are into a business, a corresponding website that represents your brand is like the online identification of your business. We formulate a strategic plan with perfect blend of elements that perfectly outlines and displays your idea. As a leading service company that provides IT services under the niche of Web Design and Development, we have delivered tailor-made websites to our clients across the globe.

We offer website and application development to deliver world-class internet solutions bundled with up-to-date internet technologies to offer a technology that is secure, robust and efficient.

With the ability of things being part of the internet, the website requires to be optimized for each variety of device in which it is visited – be it a mobile, tablet, PC, iMac, MacBook or even a simple hand-held gadget. We at MegSol design the websites taking all of these devices within scope. We are also very specifically skilled in designing powerful and string branding for your idea.

We don’t just design and develop websites. We develop your websites that are obedient to W3C standards and can be rendered perfectly on all the most advanced devices and gadgets. Publishing a website is not just the task but it should load before the user decides to walk it off. Our crew of developers were well trained and experienced in building responsive websites. We also take charge of design so that your website is search engine friendly, as search engine performs a key role in engaging the audience.

To put all of these as simple as our website design, following it is.

Your intentions – Your website came into picture to serve a unique purpose with a precise goal in mind. So, we spend our time in understanding your goals crystal clear.

Designing a plan – It’s not just the goal important but the journey too. To reach your goals we create a plan that suits you the best.

· Wireframes and mockup – Before actually delivering your website to you, we take up mock interactions with the website so that any other information can be taken care.

Quality assurance – During mockup review, we also fine tune the performance of the website in real-time, which guarantees quality of the website.

Website launch – With all these checkpoints ticked twice in the checklist, the ultimate goal i.e., the website is deployed live.

We call this process ‘Hitting the bull’s eye’ – DOT.

How we work

Concept Creation

We conceptualize the your business requirement with wireframe and use cases.


We write code to achieve approved software concept from our client.

Quality Assurance

We ensure quality, efficiency and robustness with all possible testings.